NY Daily News

Get ready for Juna N Joey, a brother-sister act being called “the postmillennial version of The Carpenters.”

The Defeo Generation Z stars of the Nashville music scene are getting a buzz on Spotify playlists with their puppy-love break-up anthem, “Til Your Heart Breaks.”

Juna, who looks like a young Jewel, says her No. 1 dream is “to be on the cover of Teen Vogue.” Her 19-year-old big brother Joey looks like a young Elvis Presley.

“How Baz Luhrmann missed casting Joey Defeo to play Elvis in his coming Warner Bros. biopic instead of Austin Butler may very well come back to haunt him,” journalist George Wayne told me.

Asked how they can write songs about heartbreak when they are merely teenagers, Juna told the Hollywood Life website, ‘’We don’t always have to experience something personally to write about it.”

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