Best New Country Artists of 2021 by Holler

“This week, Leah Blevins is our featured New Country Artist. Chatting outside an East Nashville coffee shop, Leah Blevins discusses the long road to First Time Feeling, imposter syndrome, Appalachian stereotypes, adjusting to city life and more.

Alongside Leah, we’ve found some of the freshest new acts on the scene this week.”

1. Leah Blevins – First Time Feeling

2. Leah Blevins – Little Birds

3. Shy Carter – Wild

4. Natalie Jane Hill – Orb Weaver

5. Wyatt McCubbin – Honky Damn Tonk

6. Brandy Zdan – The Worst Thing

7. George Jackson – Town’s End

8. Juna N Joey – ‘Til Your Heart Breaks

9. Holly Clausius – Strawberry Blonde

10. Jane Bruce – Best of Me

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