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Review: Juna N Joey Release The Heartfelt
Country Ballad “Til Your Heart Breaks”!

Fresh from their AEG tour opening for BMG UK artist Twinnie, Emerging sibling singer-songwriter duo, Juna N Joey have unveiled their brand new single in the form of the heartfelt country ballad “Til Your Heart Breaks”.

Written alongside Kaylianne Lowe & Doug Lowe & produced by Kenny Royster, this latest release tells the story of someone experiencing their first heartbreak & the rush of overwhelming emotions that follow.

Juna N Joey shared the inspiration behind the song, explaining, “Although we have never experienced this level of real heartbreak, we wanted to write a power ballad. Kenny Royster and the experienced musicians on this track really knew how to interpret our acoustic version into a recording that we are so excited to release. We hope that people find this song to be true and relatable -love is definitely one of the most important themes in country music!”

Juna N Joey deliver a sincerely moving vocal performance that portrays the raw emotion that lies within the lyrical identity of this heartfelt musical composition, which also highlights the soundly moving undertones their unique vocals possess.

Each verse presents a golden opportunity for these two artists to showcase their unparalleled blend of contemporary country sound & raw emotional energy with the world, which enables them to create a moving connection for listeners to feel an instant sense of engagement.

This song lays a solid foundation for these two gifted artists to spread their creative horizons & showcase their uniquely characteristic musical talents. There are truly some incredible things ahead of this dynamic musical duo in the very near future.

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