Think Country Music

They’re young, talented and related!  The country pop duo, Juna N Joey are a brother/sister act on the rise.  Get to know them via my CRS 2021 Zoom interview right here, right now.

Patti McClintic:  Hi, I’m Patti from Think Country.

Juna N Joey:  Hi, what’s goin’ on?

Patti McClintic:  Apparently lots of technical problems, but we’re over that now.  What’s goin’ on Juna N Joey?  It’s so good to meet you.  I watched you guys on the CRS pre-lunch show performance and you were so much fun.

Juna N Joey:  Thank you so much!

Patti McClintic:  It was a lot of fun.  I’ve listened to your stuff before, but I got to see you actually doing your thing, so that was good.  It looked like a good time, even though there were no people in the audience.  (CRS was all virtual this year)  That was kind of odd, right?

Joey:  Yeah.  We still appreciated that we were on CRS.  They did a great job running it.

Juna:  Yeah.  Everything was in order and they did a good job controlling it.  They made sure it went all smooth.

Patti McClintic:  So, why don’t you guys really quickly introduce yourselves to our Think Country world.  Tell us where you’re from and a little bit of your background.

Juna:  Hello, we’re Juna N Joey.  My name is Juna, I’m 16-years old.  We’re from West Palm Beach, Florida.  We do country pop music.  We have pretty much every social media that you could ever imagine.  I started off singing when I was around four-years old.  I play piano and classical stuff with my teacher, and then there’s Joey.

Joey:  I was actually into sports up until I was eight or nine-years old, then I went to one of my sister’s music lessons.  I guess I was singing on the couch a little, and I started humming and she was like, “Do I hear something?  That sounds pretty good.”  So, then I started to do music and actually started a rock band, and my dad loved it.

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