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Juna N Joey Country Music Rocks


Pop/country, sibling duo Juna N Joey, are set to release their newest single, “Something Good To Miss,” which is the lead track from their forthcoming self-titled EP.

“Something Good To Miss” tells the story of a narrator unexpectedly finding love and realizing at the moment they are away from that person, they found “something good to miss.” With lyrics “24/7 365, you’re sneaking up, hanging out in my mind. ‘Til that next kiss I hold onto this, I’ve got somethin’ good, somethin’ good to miss,” the song has a timeless message that people of all ages can find relatable; a quality that listeners will often find present in Juna N Joey’s music.

Be sure to add “Something Good To Miss” to your playlist starting April 9th!

The annual Country Radio Seminar was held virtually this year  and we caught up with Juna N Joey to hear about all the exciting things ahead for the duo. Check out our exclusive interview with Juna N Joey, and be sure to check out their new single, “Something Good To Miss,” starting April 9th.

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