Juna N Joey are a singer/songwriter, brother and sister, wholesome Country Pop Duo (think modern day Carpenters). The duo's popularity exploded organically by posting covers on YouTube with a collective 5 million views.  That attention has provided a steady stream of inquiries from YouTube stars offering collaborations including MattyBRaps, Jadyn Rylee and German star Sina-Drums. The offers keep pouring in from industry executives and major record labels alike. DreamWorksTV, Nickelodeon, America's Got Talent, American Idol alum Cade Foehner, Major Bob Publishing and many more collaborations are completed or are in the process of completion.  To say 2019 was a busy year is an understatement and, "We've only just begun."


Juna N Joey were born in West Palm Beach, FL to Joseph and Connie DeFeo.  Juna (born December 11, 2004) started singing at the age of 4 when she imitated the song "L.O.V.E." covered by Frank Sinatra while she was watching The Little Rascals on TV.  Joey (born July 30, 2002) at the age of 8 was dreaming of a baseball career when a student's mother heard him sing in choir and encouraged him to pursue vocal lessons with his sister.  From there, they both enrolled in the Bak School of the Arts and then to the prestigious Dreyfoos School of the Arts where they are classically trained. After a few years of lessons, they both joined the School Of Rock where they formed a rock band. It was then they realized their hearts were with the County Pop genre, and formed Juna N Joey.

They are blessed with a musical lineage, both grandfathers were professionals — one in a famous country band and the other an opera singer from Italy. Juna at 14, is the attractive and charismatic singer/songwriter and acoustic guitar/piano/keyboard player with profound writing abilities from the the tender age of 11.  Joey at 17,  is the lead guitarist/singer/songwriter/sax and piano player with beautiful harmonies and heartthrob looks, some comparing him to a young Elvis.


DreamWorksTV noticed their talent and hired a production team for them to cover the Keith Urban song "Somebody Like You" for the Spirit Riding Free show. This was part of a NETFLIX series that fellow country singer Tegan Marie also did with her hit "Horses." After posting numerous covers and collaborations on YouTube the duo started taking their writing skills to Nashville, TN where they co-wrote with top writers on their first single "Stay Young" produced by an award winning producer.  It caught the attention of Release Radar on Spotify and Country Radio. Before they could even promote the song, they were offered an opening spot for American Idol Cade Foehner on his "Southern Hallelujah Tour." The day they graduated 8th and 11th grades respectively they hit the road.  They were also discovered by rising star Zia Victoria on Instagram and joined her on the Gratitude Tour with Michael Rouse's ESF Camps. They were guests of the Phillies who are ESF partners and its charities to raise money and mentor inner city children.  The highlight of the tour was a shout out of their single from Florida Georgia Line on FaceTime, a duo which they have often covered, and an invite backstage where they watched Zia sing BeBe Rexha's part with the iconic duo.

From there they were flown to LA to film with Nickelodeon America's Most Musical Family to be aired in the fall. They have also captured the attention of Simon Cowell's team with numerous requests to film America's Got Talent which they will do in the Spring/Summer of 2020.

Juna N Joey were also recently invited to perform live on High School Icon, a platform that brings together young artists to entertain their peers and address social issues taking place across high schools nationwide. Judges for High School Icon include musical talents such as Mike Gibb (artist and son of Barry Gibb from the Bee Gees) and Telfon (producer of Grammy award winning albums for Sting and Shaggy).

Juna N Joey's latest project is the anti-bullying song "Anchor." The song was inspired by a friend who was bullied from their school, hurting herself in the process, and thinking of ending it all.  The high schoolers have first hand experience with this subject matter as their drummer Max Gegerson was involved in the Parkland shooting.  The song "Anchor" is a song of hope and inspiration to find that person who can ground you, back you up, and protect you — you are not alone. Juna N Joey hope this song will encourage anyone who is being bullied to seek help and not go it alone and not hurt themselves under these circumstances. They have partnered with anti-bullying organizations including Several major video networks including The Heartland TV Network and The Country Network will be featuring the song in October and November for the worldwide anti-bullying movement.

Up next you will find Juna N Joey working on their EP to be released in the next few months. For more information contact management: or

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