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Juna N Joey are a brother/sister Country Pop Duo from West Palm Beach, FL, singer/songwriters (Think Modern Day Carpenters meets Lady A/Dan + Shay). The duo's popularity exploded organically by posting covers on YouTube with over 7 million collective views. The attention has provided a steady stream of inquiries for collaborations from MattyBRaps, Sky Katz (Disney Star), German star Sina-Drums. The offers keep pouring in from industry executives and major record labels alike. One producer was quoted as saying, "NBC loves these kids", DreamworksTV, Nickelodeon’s AMMF, America's Got Talent, and a tour with American Idol alum Cade Foehner was to follow. To say 2019 was a busy year, is an understatement, and "We've Only Just Begun." Their popularity still remains stronger than ever in 2020 with a recent viral video of 6.4 million views on Tik Tok. They are now officially influencers. 

Juna at 16, is an attractive and charismatic singer/songwriter with the confidence of a seasoned pro and the voice of an angel. She also plays acoustic guitar/piano/keyboard in her band. She has developed her writing abilities from the tender age of 11. Joey at 18, is also a singer/songwriter, with heartthrob looks and beautiful harmonies. He is also the lead guitarist/sax and piano player with the band. They not only write by themselves, they also co-write with top songwriters in Nashville, NYC and LA. 

Juna N Joey are releasing their new self titled EP produced by Ken Royster of the Luke Combs “Hurricane” fame and many others which will be released in 2021. 


DreamworksTv noticed their talent and hired a production team to film a Keith Urban Cover "Somebody Like You" for Netflix animated series “Spirit.” After posting numerous cover songs on YouTube, the pair headed to Nashville where they co-wrote and recorded their first single "Stay Young." That single release grabbed the attention of curated playlists on Spotify and Country Radio as well. They were offered an opening spot on Cade Foehner's "Southern Hallelujah Tour"  and on the day of their graduation (from the 8th and 11th grades,

respectively) they hit the road. Instagram rising star, Zia Victoria, also reached out, resulting in a second successful "ESF Gratitude Tour" in the Northeast. The highlight of the tour was a FaceTime shout out of their single Stay Young” from Florida Georgia Line, artists they often covered, and an invite backstage where they watched Zia sing Bebe Rexha's part with the iconic duo. 

From there, they were flown to LA to film with Nickelodeon's America's Most Musical Family  which aired fall 2019 where judges Debbie Gibson, David Dobrik, Ciara and host Nick Lackey were utterly charmed by the duo. They had by then captured the attention of Simon Cowel's team to appear on his show America's Got Talent, which was postponed due to COVID. They were asked to perform their anti-Bullying song "Anchor,"  on multiple platforms including High School Icons where young artists entertain their peers and address social issues taking place across high schools nationwide. Judges include talents such as Mike Gibb (artist/son of Barry Gibb of the Bee Gees) and Teflon (producer and grammy award winning albums for Sting and Shaggy). "Anchor"  was inspired by a friend who was bullied from their school, hurting themselves in the process and thinking of ending it all. It is a song of hope and will encourage anyone who is being bullied to seek help and not go it alone under these circumstances. They have partnered with Teach Anti-Bullying and Pace University. The video has had an impact at many major outlets and TV networks across the country including The Heartland TV Network and The Country Network. The duo and their team had to alter their strategy and continue to only live stream due to the COVID circumstances . As a result, they were busier than ever trying to fulfill live streaming and press events which resulted in a residency on the platform the SohoMuse. In 2020 their recent holiday songs and videos were top downloaded and streamed at radio in the top five with the likes of Carrie Underwood and Kasey Musgraves reaching millions of households both on radio, TV and the internet. To say they are rising stars in an understatement. 


 A scheduled tour in the UK September 2021 and the US 2021-22 check back for updates. To view their scheduled tour check out their website for updates www.junanjoey.com and Bandsintown. You can watch their live performances on all platforms weekly.

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