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Juna N Joey Explore Why ‘Everyone Hates Heartache’ In Their New Ballad ‘Til YourHeart Breaks

You always remember your first – your first broken heart, that is. This monumental experience is captured in the new song from sibling singer-songwriters Juna N Joey!

Like death, taxes, and someone getting your name wrong at Starbucks, heartache is a universal constant. Every human will experience at least once (if not multiple times) during their life. But, as the saying goes, “the first cut is the deepest,” and the first time your heart gets broken seems to hurt more than all the others. That pain lies – appropriately – at the heart of the new song from dynamic sibling duo Juna N Joey. With a musical arrangement that includes sweeping strings, piano keys, and an undeniable country spirit, Juna N Joey explore how transformative that experience is. “You don’t see the reason for a good cry,” the two sing on the chorus. “You can’t know the pain of a good-bye / and you wonder why everyone hates heartache / ‘til your heart breaks.”

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