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Juna N Joey Release New Music Video for ‘Something Good To Miss’

Singer-songwriter, brother-and-sister Pop/Country duo Juna N Joey’s new video, “Something Good To Miss” is now available on their Youtube Channel, as well as seeing support on National Country Music channels, The Country Network and The Heartland Network. The video was directed by 4AristsByArtits, Director, Alex Fuenmayor.Juna N Joey

Talking about their day on the set with Alex, Joey said, “Alex is a real professional, I never dreamed that we could do a video on a set like this. He worked so hard, all day long and didn’t even break for lunch. The knowledge that he has about lighting and sound is amazing. We have done a lot videos in the past and this one is by far the best” Juna commented that, “Alex let me design the set from the props department, that was so fun. He listened to our opinion and made us feel so comfortable, utilizing the time so wisely and even did stills and an acoustic video because he had spare time. He is the best.”

“Something Good To Miss” is the lead single off the duo’s self-titled EP, which will be released in early June. The upbeat, hopeful tune features an infectious melody, modern production that packs a punch, and Juna N Joey’s signature rich harmonies. Produced by Ken Royster (Luke Combs, “Hurricane”), “Something Good to Miss” showcases the duo’s unique brand of pop-country.

The song written by the duo with co-writers, Kayilann Lowe and Bill Diluigi, tells the story of a narrator unexpectedly finding love and realizing at the moment they are away from that person, they found “something good to miss.” With lyrics “24/7 365, you’re sneaking up, hanging out in my mind. ‘Til that next kiss I hold onto this, I’ve got somethin’ good, somethin’ good to miss,” the song has a timeless message that people of all ages can find relatable; a quality that listeners will often find present in Juna N Joey’s music.