“Addicted to Blood”



Juna N Joey “Addicted To Blood “Release New Video for Single


“Addicted To Blood” A Halloween Cover of Robert Palmer’s Classic “Addicted to Love” With PopWrapped


Launch Halloween Costume Contest #junanjoeyspooky


New York, NY – (October 29th, 2020) Following their success, as runners up on Nickelodeon’s America’s Most Musical Family, brother and sister singer/songwriter duo Juna N Joey are following up with a new cover song “Addicted To Blood”. This track is a Halloween themed cover of Robert Palmer’s classic “Addicted To Love”. The music video for “Addicted to Blood” will be exclusively premiering today Thursday October 29th with PopWrapped.


Juna N Joey Addicted To Blood was a lot of fun to put together.  When asked about putting their own Halloween twist on such an iconic song Joey said, “At first it was so hard to duplicate Robert Palmer’s voice because of his icon raspy cigarette smoking voice and I don’t smoke so I had to figure that out on my own LOL. So we watched the video over and over again —till we gained a true appreciation of this man and his iconic voice/ video.”


In connecting with the music video, and the fact that normal Halloween events are mostly canceled due to COVID-19, Juna N Joey have launched a Halloween costume contest on their socials where they will be sending a lucky fan a sweet candy prize. When asked about this contest Juna said, “We decided to give away candy since no one can trick or treat and my Mom’s friend has a specialty candy store and we thought she could make it special for a fan—wish we could send one to all our fans—I cannot wait to see all the inventive awesome costumes for our contest—if you would like to enter please #junanjoeyspooky or go our socials or our website to enter www.junanjoey.com


Juna N Joey were born in West Palm Beach, FL to Joseph and Connie DeFeo.  Juna started singing at the age of 4 when she imitated the song “L.O.V.E.” covered by Frank Sinatra while she was watching The Little Rascals on TV.  Joey at the age of 8 was dreaming of a baseball career when a student’s mother heard him sing in choir and encouraged him to pursue vocal lessons with his sister.  From there, they both enrolled in the Bak School of the Arts and then to the prestigious Dreyfoos School of the Arts where they are classically trained. After a few years of lessons, they both joined the School Of Rock where they formed a rock band. It was then they realized their hearts were with the County Pop genre, and formed Juna N Joey. The sibling duo’s popularity exploded organically by posting covers on YouTube growing to a collective 7 million views on their channel. That attention has provided a steady stream of inquiries from YouTube stars offering collaborations including MattyBRaps, Jadyn Rylee and German star Sina-Drums.


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