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EXCLUSIVE: Premiere of Juna N Joey’s Acoustic ‘Stay Young’ Single

Juna N Joey are a fast rising, exciting Country/Pop Music brother – sister duo hailing from Florida, California. The singer/songwriters have been performing together professionally since 2016 and have quickly gained a strong fanbase within the genre and are set to become global stars over the course of the next several years.

The duo are racking up YouTube views and also have a rapidly growing following on Social Media. Their YouTube views are in excess of 4 million with over 61,000 subscribers, meanwhile across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter they have more than 15,000 combined followers.

Highlighting their status as one of the most exciting, rising talents on the Country scene, Juna N Joey have also supported the likes of Chase Rice, Maggie Baugh and Ryan Montgomery on tours across America. The duo will also be joining Cade Foehner and Esf Camp on forthcoming tours this year.

And now the crossover duo are ready to share their brand new acoustic single with the world. The track titled ‘Stay Young’ perfectly showcases their gorgeous sibling harmonies and has a lush guitar backdrop making it a real standout from the brother and sister act.

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