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Exclusive Video Premiere: Juna N Joey ‘Mary, Did You Know’


JunaNJoey are a singer/songwriter, brother and sister, wholesome Country Pop Duo (think modern day Carpenters). The duo’s popularity exploded organically by posting covers on YouTube with a collective 5 million views. That attention has provided a steady stream of inquiries from YouTube stars offering collaborations including MattyBRaps, Jadyn Rylee and German star Sina-Drums. The offers keep pouring in from industry executives and major record labels alike. DreamWorksTV, Nickelodeon, America’s Got Talent, American Idol alum Cade Foehner, major publishing companies and many more collaborations are completed or are in the process of completion. To say 2019 was a busy year is an understatement and, “We’ve only just begun.”

Today, is proud to present this EXCLUSIVE Video Premiere of JunaNJoey‘s cover of Mark Lowry‘s Christian music and Christmas music classic, “Mary, Did You Know?”

“‘Mary Did You Know’ is a song that touched our hearts and the lyrics paint the beautiful journey of Mary’s birth to Jesus and recanted for the Christmas Season.   Mark Lowery and Buddy Greene give this song the simplistic tone which reflects the powerful ending that makes this song an eternal classic. We wanted to put our twist on it for this Christmas Season.” —Juna & Joey 

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