Brother and sister musicians at Dreyfoos School of the Arts will be featured on nationally televised contest


Juna and Joey Defeo could very well be on their way to achieving their biggest dreams.

The siblings, who attend Dreyfoos School of the Arts, will soon be contestants on a Nickelodeon show called “America’s Most Musical Family”

“We filmed it this summer, so it was like a crazy experience,” Juna Defeo said.

“When we went to Los Angeles, there were so many families and it was, like, so competitive,” Joey Defeo said.

Juna, 14, plays the piano and has been singing since she was 3 years old.

Joey, 17, is a guitarist and has been singing for a few years.

Their group is called Juna N Joey.

The television show features 30 families.

Five families will compete each week over the course of three months.

The judges select the top three bands, and the audience votes for two of those bands to move to the next round.

“To know that we’re going to be on the channel with our favorite stars is, like, incredible,” Juna Defeo said.

The top prize is a record deal and $250,000.

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