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PREMIERE: Viral Country-Pop Duo Juna N Joey’s Talk About (And Premiere) New Single “Anchor”

Juna N Joey

Rising country-pop duo, Juna N Joey, release their powerful video and track “Anchor.” The song brings awareness to the topic of bullying that many people their age experience. This moving ballad was inspired by a friend who was severely bullied from their school which eventually led to self-harm and attempted suicide. “Anchor” is also a self-reflection to the epidemic that is rampant throughout the United States their drummer, Max Gegerson, is a survivor of the Parkland, Florida shooting. This track stems from hope and inspiration to find that person who can ground you, protect you, and be your own anchor. Juna N Joey hope this song will encourage anyone who is being bullied to seek help and not go it alone and not hurt yourself under these circumstances.

Hi Guys Welcome to VENTS! How have you been?

Juna — Amazing!
Joey — Fantastic!

Can you talk to us about your latest song “Anchor”?

Juna — It’s about having that one person in your life to keep you grounded, confident, true to yourself.

Joey — It’s about knowing someone is there to lift you up, be by your side through the struggles, with love — protect you from the bullies.

Did any event in particulate inspire you to write this song?

Juna — Yes, we know many people at school that are bullied and cyberbullied and we started to notice that so many people bully each other around us in every setting — it was pretty rampant.

Joey — A friend Nicolas was being bullied and I became his Anchor for him and stood up for him — he was being bullied for being a ballet dancer and I didn’t think that was right.

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